Anagrams for US states:

North Dakota: Dank Oath Rot, Hoot Tankard, Toad Rat Honk
Ohio's got nothin'.
Oklahoma: Koala Ohm, Halo Amok
Oregon: Ergo No
Pennsylvania: A Nanny Pelvis, In Navy Panels, Venal Pansy In
Rhode Island: Rhino Saddle, Older Danish, Radon Shield
South Carolina: Slain Co-author, Holocaust Rain, Haircut Saloon
South Dakota: Had Stout Oak, Ask Thou Toad, Sad Auk Tooth
Tennesee: Teen Sense
Texas: Taxes (not that interesting)
Utah: A Hut (also less than interesting)
Vermont and Virgina offer nothing in this regard.
Washington: Hating Snow, Wagons Hint, Hogan Twins
West Virginia: Gravities Win, Trivia We Sigh, Tries Vain Wig
Wisconsin: Scions Win, Cows In Sin
Wyoming: Gym Wino

This is very far from a comprehensive list. Certain states, like the Carolinas and Pennsylvania, have an entertaining and very expansive set of anagrams. I would be remiss if I were to leave Internet Anagram Server unmentioned.

changed September 17, 2007