The following are a few interesting anagrams for the names of states:

Alabama, Alaska, and Arizona have no interesting anagrams to speak of.
Arkansas: Saran Ska, A Rank A$$
California: Facial Iron, Airfoil Can
Colorado: Coal Odor, Cool Road
Most of Connecticut's interesting anagrams are unprintable.
Delaware: Eel award, Lead Ware, Eared Law
Florida: Fail Rod, Air Fold, Old Fair
Georgia: Ire Agog
Hawaii has no interesting anagrams, nor does Idaho.
Illinois: I Soil Nil
Indiana: In Naiad
Iowa is a no-go.
Kansas: Sank An
Kentucky: Yuck Kent
Louisiana: I Oil Sauna
Maine: I Mean
Maryland: Lard Myna, Rad Manly, Ran Madly
Massachusetts: Muscat Stashes, Hut Sects Amass, Chaste A$$ Smut
Michigan: A Chiming, Ham Icing
Minnesota: Nominates, Nine Moats, Saint Omen
Mississippi: I Miss Pi Sips
Missouri: Sumo Iris
Montana: Ant Moan, No Manta
Nebraska: Bran Sake, Bra Snake, Beans Ark
Nothing interesting for Nevada.
New Hampshire: Seraphim Hewn, A Hen Whimpers, Harem Pen Wish
Nothing good for New Jersey
New Mexico: New Ox Mice, We Mix Cone
New York: Worn Key, Rye Wonk
North Carolina: A Cilantro Horn, No Racial Thorn, Hot Carnal Iron

End of Part I

changed September 17, 2007