In 2010, I've started a series of ceramic pieces inspired by comics. Some of them tell pretty explicit narratives, while others are more chaotic and stream-of-consciousness.

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Goodnight, God, he said

Goodnight, God, he said. porcelain. 2010.

This is it

Please Make Me Laugh. porcelain. 2010.


Player. porcelain. 2010.

Get it together, Baby

Get It Together, Baby. porcelain. 2010.

In your landscape

In Your Landscape. porcelain. 2010.

Enchanted Forests

Enchanted Forests. porcelain. 2010.


Burrow. porcelain. 2010.

Oftentimes, one of the primary challenges in drawing the panels is mapping a two dimensional, and thus finite form, into a three dimensional space that can read continuously. Some of my favorite pieces of this series play on that continuity.

The Ghost

The Ghost. porcelain. 2010.

Sports Girls

Sports Girls. stoneware. 2010.

changed September 8, 2010